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My family is loud. We all like to talk, and when we get together, we all talk quite loudly and excitedly. We also like to make fun of each other, especially when one of us makes a mistake in our grammar or messes up the use of an idiom. Something that you might have said 10 years ago (or even more) is constantly brought up again for everyone’s enjoyment and so they can laugh (again) at your expense. It is all in good fun.

This weekend, several mistakes were brought up again, as usual. Mistakes from the early 90’s. We decided that it would be a good idea to write the past, present, and future mistakes down for posterity’s sake. And so we can continue to make fun of the person that said them. hehe. So, I have added a new category for Quotables. Plus, I figure that Adrianna will be talking soon, and there are bound to be adorable things that she will say that I will want to remember.

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  1. 10/31/2005

    […] 1:57 pm. Filed under General, Quotables

    In a previous post, I mentioned how my family loves to pick on each other. Greg also likes to pick on ME, so he fits right in. One time, Gr […]

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