Tree Frog

What a perfect day today. Adrianna let us sleep in. (Well, kinda. Mommy still had to get up and feed her. But she was content to sit in her carrier afterwards and fall back to sleep on her own.) We are experiencing beautiful Colorado weather. Greg is home since it is the weekend. I am getting lots done around the house since Greg can watch Adrianna. Life is good!

We are starting to make a habit of taking walks daily after Greg gets home from work. Yesterday evening was particularly warm even though the sun was setting by the time we got outside. We were pretty hot by the time we got back. I took a couple of pics of Greg and Adrianna sprawled out on the couch after we got back. Doesn’t it almost look like Adrianna is trying to mimic Greg’s posture in each one? 😀

Adrianna has many little nicknames already, even though none of them are actual names that we plan on continually calling her. Just little names of things that she reminds us of with her different expressions or other things she does. One of Greg’s favorites (besides “The Fuzzy” in regards to her fuzzy and full head of hair) is “Tree frog” because he says she looks like a little tree frog when she lays on her tummy, such as in the picture below.

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  1. janis says:

    awww she is the cutest tree frog i have ever seen 🙂

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