4 weeks old

Adrianna turned 4 weeks old yesterday. I cannot believe it; time sure is flying by.

I would say the question we get asked the most is in regards to how we are sleeping at night. We are doing pretty well. Adrianna gets me up a couple times each night. Once we get her to sleep (usually between 9 and 10 pm), she will stay asleep for an hour or two. She will then wake me up for a feeding at midnight or so. Sometimes (but not always) she will want a diaper change and another feeding around 2:30. Then she will let us sleep until around 5:30 when she wants another diaper change and feeding. Weeknights I get to handle the majority of the night-time duties since Greg has to work. But on weekends (or on weeknights if I have had a rough day) Greg helps me out with the diaper changes, even though I still have to wake up to feed her. But not having to get out of bed to change the diapers sure is nice. So overall I would say that we are doing as good as can be expected sleep-wise. I am glad Adrianna is good at night and only wakes us up when necessary and doesn’t do any extra fussing. Of course, this is still provided that she is put to sleep in her carseat. She also likes to fall asleep while feeding and sleeps well on our bed if I also accidently fall asleep before putting her in her carseat. If we try the cradle, it is another story altogether which ends up in us getting no sleep at all. Hopefully that will change soon.

Isn't she precious?

We introduced her to some of our neighbors yesterday when we went for a walk. They all thought she was beautiful and that she had “dainty” features. 🙂

I love our neighbors. The ones across the street (Janette and John) are just the nicest and best neighbors you could ask for. They watch our house (and our cat!) for us when we are out of town. They have three boys (Shawn, Shane, and Ryan) that are really sweet and always say hi to us when we are outside. They are also Christians. Our neighbors next door are a little different but nice enough, but we don’t see them really often. Another neighbor lady, Debbie, from down the street really fell in love with our cat Jimmy (who now lives in Kansas) and knows us as “Jimmy’s parents”. Her family still has a picture of him on their fridge. I really miss that cat. We also have neighbors catty-corner across the street that are nice. I don’t know if the parents speak English, but they did let me in once to use their phone when our burglar alarm on our house had gone off. Their daughters hang out at the picnic table next to our house a lot, so we have talked to them occasionally. Whew. I just went off on a tangent there. Anyways, it is nice to know some of our neighbors, even if we don’t know them really well. It makes the neighborhood seem like a nicer and safer place. More of a community.

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3 Responses

  1. shad says:

    it is nice to know your neighbors.. well.. time to move! =)

  2. shad says:

    p.s. adrianna doesn’t look like the adrianna i know.. she looks more like a.. i don’t know.. like another baby. it’s weird. This sucks that we’re missing her! That’s okay though.. HOPEFULLY we’ll be there soon enough.

  3. Janis says:

    Who are the people in your neighborhood? in your neighborhood, in your neighborhooood oooh who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each daaayyyy………

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