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One thing I like about the Xanga blogs that I read regularly (Jeff‘s and Jess‘s) is that you can post a small picture of the movie you just watched or CD that you just listened to along with a link to for that particular item. Not that I would ever have an influence on anyone to go buy the item, cause that I pretty much doubt that for the most part as I am not much of a movie connoisseur or the scholary type (except that my sister did go buy 3 books based on my recommendation which made me feel pretty good.) My main idea is that I enjoy seeing what other people are watching or listening to. And in the interest of always improving upon my blog usability wise, I googled for a plugin for WordPress, and sure enough, there is one that has this functionality. I love open source programs! I do think this plugin needs a little work though as it only included the actual picture of the DVD and the rest (along with the table format) I had to code myself. Not a big deal since it is a simple HTML table, but it would still be nice if it did that for me. Well, I guess the beauty of open source is that I could change it to do that automatically myself, if only I knew how to do that level of coding (which I don’t.)

Just Watched:
I, Robot
I, Robot (Widescreen Edition)

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