Fun on the Changing Table

This evening Adrianna made a mess. A huge mustardy mess. It all started because we ran out of newborn diapers today. I thought we could get by with another pack of diapers that we had on hand; after all, they said they were for babies “up to 15 pounds”. That language leaves the sizing pretty open. Anyways, though they worked okay earlier on, I am now positive that they are truly too big, as this evening Adrianna had one of those noisy squirts that just filled the entire diaper up and also squeeked right out on side of the diaper all over her car seat and Adrianna. There was mustard everywhere; this was not a little poo. Ugh. And as you probably know, right now the car seat is also doubling as Adrianna’s bed, since she refuses to sleep in the cradle. So I called Greg upstairs and we tackled the mess.

After cleaning up Adrianna and giving her a fresh diaper, I dawdled at putting a new outfit on her since she seemed so content and happy being mostly naked. I think after her huge mess that she was feeling like a million bucks! She was laying on the table just pumping those adorable arms and legs. I began talking and cooing to her and she started pumping even more furiously and also made some happy and excited baby noises. She even flashed a few smiles. I called Greg over and he started singing to her. It was an awesome moment that I want to remember – all three of us just enjoying ourselves and enjoying each other.

Adrianna just loves looking at Greg and really responds to his voice. Adrianna also seems to really likes it when Greg sings to her. She flashed him a smile earlier today when he sang “The Green Grass Grew All Around” to her. 😛

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  1. Janis says:

    I forgot to ask before but did Adrianna’s crib ever come?

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