Adrianna’s First Train Ride

Adrianna and I went to the zoo with Janette and all the kids from her childcare last Thursday. As usual, it was a fun trip. Adrianna saw the train as we were walking around and told me that she wanted to go, “Bye-bye. Tain.”

We first went on the carousel. Her little friend, Lily, had gone on the carousel and loved it so I figured Adrianna would enjoy it too. I was wrong. She clung to me and did not want to stay on the zebra that I put her on. It was hard to hold her since the zebra went up and down as the carousel went round and round. I finally picked her up and just stood on the carousel and held her since she didn’t want to ride on the stationary animals either. She did ask for “Pat Pat Pause” though.

We rode the train next. She liked that much better, even though she did insist on sitting in my lap rather than on the seat. She exclaimed several times that we were going “Bye-bye. Tain.” One week later, she is still talking about how we went bye-bye on a tain.

Adrianna meets a ground squirrel

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