City Streetlights and Many Moon Sightings

I wrote last weekend about Adrianna’s discovery of the moon and how she loudly proclaimed its existence whenever it was in view on our entire car trip home. Well, we had some more “moon” sightings on Wednesday.

All three of us were at church on Wednesday. Greg was attending worship team practice and I was there for a nursery worker orientation. Adrianna was in the nursery with the other children. As we left the church for home, it was already getting dark. The moon was nowhere in sight. Streetlights in the church parking lot were glowing brightly. Adrianna spotted one and proudly proclaimed, “Maaaahhh!” Now when she says her word for moon, it isn’t just a short one syllable “mah.” No, it is long and drawn out and spoken very loudly. “Maaaahhh!”

Greg and I explained to her that no, that was just a streetlight, but she didn’t believe us.

Laughter. “That is a streetlight. The moon isn’t out tonight. Can you say ‘streetlight?'”
“No honey, that is a streetlight. Streetlight. See the streetlight?”
“Maaahhh!” she told us again. And again.

We live in a large city, so there are many streetlights. Every time a streetlight came into view on the way home, we heard a little (yet very loud) voice proclaim from the backseat. “Maaahhh!”

There was no convincing her that all the streetlights were in fact, just streetlights and not the moon. I think that there is a slight misconception that every bright light in the sky at night is “Maaahhh.”

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2 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    What a cutie! I think I am coming up this weekend with Cindy and the babies…can’t wait to see you guys again! And Adrianna! She is growing up so fast!

  2. Mercedes says:

    This made me laugh! Kids can be soo funny. Also, cool template 😉 xx

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