The Ambassadors

In college I was part of a 5-6 member music group called The Ambassadors for two years. The Grace University Ambassadors are an extension group sent out by Grace to minister to churches, youth groups, conferences, and highschools throughout the midwest three out of four weekends every month during the school year. It ended up that we were gone 4 out of 4 weekends most months though. It was a lot of work; really early mornings where we were up before the buttcrack of dawn, lugging heavy sound equipment (Helga!) around, and lots of hours on the road. Those were some of the best years of my life. We were a close-knit group. I really miss having friends who would just start singing at the drop of a hat no matter where we were or who was around. I really miss having friends here that I can sing with, period.
My First Year in The Ambassadors

The second year I was in The Ambassadors, we made a cd. Today I got that cd out and listened to it for probably the first time since it was made 6 years ago. I never really listened to it much after it was cut because back then I was too critical of myself so that all I could hear when attempting to listen to it were the mistakes. But listening to it today, I didn’t hear the mistakes. (Well, at least not all of them.) All I heard was a music group comprised of some of my dearest friends whom I miss a great deal. A group who loved to sing more than most anything else.
My Second Year in The Ambassadors

Tom Nechodomu and Amber Yergler Jeff, Erin, Jason, Lori, Tom, and Amber

Currently Playing:
For This One Reason
by The Ambassadors
The Grace University Ambassadors

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  1. Janis says:

    I am so glad you got out your cd and listened to it. I have listened to it frequently over the years and I even made a cd for my boss for christmas with her favorite music on it and because i was so proud of you and your cd, I slipped one of your songs on her cd. 🙂 I labeled it with your name and everything and told her that is my daughter singing that solo! Now you know why I could never understand why when I told you I loved that cd, you would say ohhh that was a terrible cd. I think it is a great cd and always have 🙂

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