My Little Trooper

Adrianna had a restless night where she woke up crying several times. This morning, she didn’t eat much breakfast, which is very unusual for her as she is not a picky eater and she loves Malt-o-Meal and bananas. But since we noticed that she has a new tooth coming in (her seventh tooth), we attributed it to teething pain.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

We were on our way to church this morning when we heard a weird noise that sounded like a mix between a burp and a cough. We turned around. Adrianna looked okay and, other than not eating her normal size breakfast, had been acting fine. We continued on our way when we heard a liquidy, watery sound coming from the back seat. Uh oh. Sure enough, poor little Babyanna had thrown up all over herself and her carseat. We were on the highway and there wasn’t much of a shoulder, so we just kept going to the next exit. We thought about stopping in a parking lot to clean her off, but there really wasn’t a whole lot we would have been able to accomplish with that, so we headed straight home instead. Adrianna seemed fine, other than the fact that she was wearing quite a bit of throwup now. She even started talking a bit. Then, when we were only a few blocks from home, we heard the dreaded sound again and again. Greg said she began to look a little peaked, but she still didn’t cry at all. We rolled down the car windows.

When we got home, I carefully lifted her out of her chair. Even though I did my best to hold her out at arms length, there wasn’t any way of avoiding getting some of the mess on my new outfit. I took her straight up to the bathtub, stripped us both down, and gave her a much-needed bath. Greg took care of the carseat mess.

Throughout all of this, Adrianna was such a little trooper. She really hasn’t acted sick at all. So I was surprised when, after about a half hour, she threw up again with no warning. This time, she was toddling around the kitchen while I was on the phone to wish my momma a Happy Birthday. I didn’t get to the “Happy Birthday” part when I heard the awful sound again and had to hang up really quick. Poor baby threw up on the linoleum and then, to make matters worse, slipped and fell in it. Ick. Back upstairs to clean her off. This time though, she didn’t get a new outfit on. She will be wearing just a diaper for awhile. Thankfully it is warm outside.

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that this is the first time we have had to really deal with something like this. She has only thrown up one other time, when she was a newborn, and that was nothing compared to this. I just hope my baby is okay. She cannot keep anything down. I am going to try some toast when she wakes up from her nap.

So that is why we didn’t make it to church this morning.

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    Poor baby, I hope she is feeling better soon. maybe its just a 24 hour bug.

  2. Julie says:

    Poor sweetie! I hope it passes quickly. We were also blessed with a child that rarely puked as a baby so I dread her first stomach virus. Good luck to your household and I hope Monday goes better!

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