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Not Quite Spring Kit and a FREE Add-on

Hi everyone,

Here in Colorado, we have been teased with some amazing sixty and seventy degree weather the past couple of weeks. Though we have been enjoying it very much, we aren’t too fooled because we remember that most of our bad snow storms usually hit in March. But anyways, it inspired the idea for my latest kit, “Not Quite Spring” because the nice weather is still giving me Spring Fever!

Here is the new kit, available at GDS. It is 25% off through Sunday, March 22nd.

And once again, it is my turn for the free daily download at GDS, so I have a little coordinating add-on for you. But hurry, it is only available for about 24 hours. 🙂

Scrapbook Layouts

Basin Picnic

Credits: Kit by Amanda Heimann

Journaling reads:

We enjoyed a beautiful July day at the park. Layla, Aidan, and Adrianna happily played on the playground. Actually, truth be told, the adults enjoyed playing as well.

Pretty in Pink

Basin Picnic Scrapbook Layout

Enjoying Our New Deck

Enjoying Our New Deck
Credits: Kit by Summertime Designs

Enjoying Our New Deck

Enjoying Our New Deck
Credits: Kit by Summertime Designs

Journaling reads:

We have wanted a deck for quite some time, so we finally decided to contract it out and have one built.

We are thrilled to have it and are so thankful that it is in the shade most of the day, thanks to a large tree’s shadow in the morning and our house’s shadow in the evening. We’ve been spending more time outside these days as a result.

I enjoy bringing my laptop outside and watching Adrianna play with her water table, squirt bottle or blowing bubbles.

And of course we also had to purchase a grill, because you have to have a grill with a deck! Dinner is so much more fun when eaten outside, so we have had lots of hot dogs and hamburgers this summer, along with baked beans and corn on the cob – Yum!

Tree House Golfing

Tree House Golfing Scrapbook Layout

Journaling reads:

We took Adrianna to Boondocks for her first miniature golf round. She seemed to enjoy it very much. Most of the time she would pick her ball up and walk to the hole, where she would place the ball only a few inches from the hole before pushing it in with her club. She was also very much interested in the water that flowed throughout the course.

After mini-golf, Adrianna and I rode on the Bumper Boats. Since it was a weeknight and there wasn’t a high demand for the boats, the attendant let us ride for a LONG time. She manned the gun while I steered.

We got absolutely soaked. After awhile, I asked Adrianna if she was ready to be done. Each time I asked, her answer was “No.”

Now every time we drive by Boondocks, Adrianna excitedly points it out and shouts, “There’s ‘tree house golfing’!” I am not sure where the tree house came in to play as the name in her mind.

Big Girl Bed

Big Girl Bed Scrapbook Layout
Credits: QP by Enamorada

Journaling reads:

Adrianna graduated to a “big girl bed” when she was 3 years old. She could have gone much sooner, but she stayed in her crib so well that we didn’t feel it necessary.

The first few nights, she often fell out of bed. We lined pillows along the side to cushion her fall. Each time we heard a soft thump, we would run into her room to find her sitting on the pillows, sleepy and not quite sure what had happened.

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival Scrapbook Layout

FREE “Sweetheart” Add-on Kit

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Have you all seen my “Sweetheart Kit” over at It is perfect for Valentine’s day or for little girl layouts. And this kit, as well as my entire store, is 40% off through Sunday. 🙂

I have created an add-on to this kit as well and it is today’s FREE daily download at GDS. The daily downloads only last about 24 hours, so hurry on over and grab it from the store.

February Multi-Photo Challenge – and a FREE Template

Hi everyone! I finally got a template freebie and bonus created, so we are ready to go with February’s Multiple Photo Challenge over at

There are only TWO rules for this challenge:

1. Create a layout containing at least 4 photos.
2. Post your layout in the newly created Multi-Photo Challenge Gallery at GDS and reply in the Multiple Photo Challenge Forum thread with the link so that we can all see your creation. Layouts must be posted by February 28th.

Once again, I will offer up a FREE multi-photo template that you are welcome to use if you need some inspiration for this challenge. However, using this template is NOT required; any new layout containing 4 photos qualifies. 🙂

You can download this freebie, no strings attached, from the Multiple Photo Challenge Forum thread. There are download links for the 12×12 layered PSD file and also for the PNG files (for non-photoshop users).

And, if you complete this challenge and post your layout in the Multi-Photo Challenge gallery by February 28th, you will receive this template (free) as your posting bonus:

I hope you can play along!

New Scrapbook Kit and a FREE QP

I finally have a new kit in my store. It is a Valentine’s day kit and was inspired by one of Adrianna’s pink shirts with lots of hearts on it. 🙂

It is 25% off through February 15, making it only $2.44, and can be found at GDS here.

I also have a freebie for you – a QP made from this kit. You can click on the preview to be brought to the no-wait download page.

Freebie Sites to See

I was sending these links to a friend the other night, and I thought I should share them here as well, as I know that some people that stop by my little blog might be new to the digital scrapbooking world. So for those readers, I would like to give you a few recommendations as to where you can get FREE supplies. You seasoned digiscrappers probably already have these bookmarked. 😉

Freebie Listers

  • Ikea Goddess – This is my favorite freebie site, because she handpicks awesome freebies for her listings
  • DigiFree – This site is awesome because it is computer-generated and checks hundreds of blogs every night for new freebies. So there are tons of freebies each day. However, anyone can get their blog listed as part of the freebie scan, so you have to take the freebie quality with a grain of salt.
  • DigiScrapDepot – This site is a place where designers can list their freebies. Just like the Digifree above, anyone can list a freebie, so you have to take the freebie quality with a grain of salt.
  • Suzee Q’s Stuff – Another great freebie listing site that I enjoy.

All the sites above show previews of the freebies which, for me, is very important. I spend so much time online as it is that I want to know what the freebie looks like before I spend the time to visit another site.

And in case you didn’t notice in my sidebar, I have a page of free digital scrapbook items that I have designed as well.

Anyways, I hope this helps some of the newbies out there. And hopefully I am not killing my sales by directing everyone to places where they can get stuff for FREE. 😀

Scrapbook Layout – Cindy & Kendall’s Open House

Credits: “Promise” Kit by Shabby Princess

Project 365 – Week 2

Here is my Project 365 – Week 2 layout. It is a simplified version of a template that is the FREE daily download at GDS. (More information on the freebie to follow.)

Project 365

I have decided, along with a large part of the scrapbooking community, to jump on board with Project 365. The basic premise of this project is to take a photo every day and at the end of every week (or month) make a page layout of the daily photos taken. At the end of the project, you would have a scrapbook showing a snapshot of your year. There are many variations of this, but that is the basic gist of it. I have started strong so far; it is January 3rd and I have 3 photos taken and only 362 to go. We’ll see how far I make it. 🙂

I am excited about this project simply for the glimpse it will provide into the every day goings-on in our household; capturing the simple things that wouldn’t normally make it into a photo, much less a scrapbook. (I will still be taking regular photos of events like I always have; this will just be a supplement or addition to that.)

I am still playing around with different ideas on how to actually get the scrapping done for this project, especially since I am already behind on my regular scrapping. I am thinking perhaps the photos designated for this project will be placed in their own book, perhaps through Shutterfly, so that the scrapping is quick and easy and remains separate from my regular pages that I will be continuing on with during this time as well. There are also a lot of free or for-sale templates being designed in the scrapbooking community especially for this project, so that might be another quick and easy option as well.

Is anyone else participating in Project 365? How’s it going so far?

Scrapbook Layout – Adrianna and the Dogs

This is just a silly scrapbook layout I made in a cartoon format of Adrianna playing with Chloe and Molly.

Scrapbook Layout – Bowling

For our 4th of July this year, we spent some time playing Wii bowling, which then inspired us to go play some “real” bowling. It was Adrianna’s 1st time to go bowling, and she enjoyed it very much.

Credits: “Freedom” Kit by Summertime Designs, Template by No Reimer Reason

Scrapbook Layout – Lots of Tireds

Adrianna, like many children, often falls asleep in the car. Usually this occurs just minutes after several adamant replies to us that she is NOT TIRED.

On one occasion, I picked Adrianna up from childcare right after she awoke from her afternoon nap. Janette and I were praising her for the great nap she had just taken (she doesn’t always take a nap due to our later schedule than what the other kids are on). Adrianna agreed, and said, “Yeah, I was very having lots of tireds!”

Credits: QP by Lindsay Jane Designs

Scrapbook Layout – 5 Strand Braid

I made this layout tonight as a part of the speed scrap at GDS. For a speed scrap, you receive a set of instrx to follow over the course of an hour and and then you have to complete a layout within a short amount of time, usually the hour following. It is fun and forces me to make a layout different from my normal style. 🙂

Credits: The curly ribbon and ribbon frames were created by Creative Dreams. The star and the ric-rac were created by me.

The journaling reads:

I decided to get my hair braided at the Colorado renaissance festival. I absolutely love to have people play with my hair, so it was pure bliss. I was charged $10 more than most people due to my waist length hair, but it was so worth it! And YES, that is all MY hair!

Multi-Photo Challenge at GDS

Hi everyone,

I am hosting my first challenge at GDS, so I decided to it something that you all know I am passionate about when it comes to scrapbooking: Layouts that contain multiple photos.

I am a picture-aholic and rarely have just one or two photos that I want to scrap for an event. That said, I think a lot of people have a hard time making a layout that contains more than two or three photos. So, to help you out, I do have a free multi-photo template you can use if you desire. But it isn’t required to use it for this challenge; you can use any template or make your own layout freehand. You all probably have an arsenal of my multi-photo templates I have offered over this past year that you could use for this challenge. 😉

Requirements for this challenge:

  • Layout must contain 4 or more photos on a single page
  • Post a link to your layout the GDS thread so I know you completed the challenge
  • That’s it!

If you complete this challenge and post your layout by December 31st, I will send you another template to play with.

Free Template (found at GDS Challenge thread through December 31, 2008):

Template you can receive just for playing:

Hope to see you there!

Let it Snow – Scrapbook Layout

Adrianna enjoyed playing in the snow this afternoon.

Credits: “Christmas Snow” kit by No Reimer Reason