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Basin Picnic

Credits: Kit by Amanda Heimann

Journaling reads:

We enjoyed a beautiful July day at the park. Layla, Aidan, and Adrianna happily played on the playground. Actually, truth be told, the adults enjoyed playing as well.

Pretty in Pink

Basin Picnic Scrapbook Layout

Enjoying Our New Deck

Enjoying Our New Deck
Credits: Kit by Summertime Designs

Enjoying Our New Deck

Enjoying Our New Deck
Credits: Kit by Summertime Designs

Journaling reads:

We have wanted a deck for quite some time, so we finally decided to contract it out and have one built.

We are thrilled to have it and are so thankful that it is in the shade most of the day, thanks to a large tree’s shadow in the morning and our house’s shadow in the evening. We’ve been spending more time outside these days as a result.

I enjoy bringing my laptop outside and watching Adrianna play with her water table, squirt bottle or blowing bubbles.

And of course we also had to purchase a grill, because you have to have a grill with a deck! Dinner is so much more fun when eaten outside, so we have had lots of hot dogs and hamburgers this summer, along with baked beans and corn on the cob – Yum!

Tree House Golfing

Tree House Golfing Scrapbook Layout

Journaling reads:

We took Adrianna to Boondocks for her first miniature golf round. She seemed to enjoy it very much. Most of the time she would pick her ball up and walk to the hole, where she would place the ball only a few inches from the hole before pushing it in with her club. She was also very much interested in the water that flowed throughout the course.

After mini-golf, Adrianna and I rode on the Bumper Boats. Since it was a weeknight and there wasn’t a high demand for the boats, the attendant let us ride for a LONG time. She manned the gun while I steered.

We got absolutely soaked. After awhile, I asked Adrianna if she was ready to be done. Each time I asked, her answer was “No.”

Now every time we drive by Boondocks, Adrianna excitedly points it out and shouts, “There’s ‘tree house golfing’!” I am not sure where the tree house came in to play as the name in her mind.

Big Girl Bed

Big Girl Bed Scrapbook Layout
Credits: QP by Enamorada

Journaling reads:

Adrianna graduated to a “big girl bed” when she was 3 years old. She could have gone much sooner, but she stayed in her crib so well that we didn’t feel it necessary.

The first few nights, she often fell out of bed. We lined pillows along the side to cushion her fall. Each time we heard a soft thump, we would run into her room to find her sitting on the pillows, sleepy and not quite sure what had happened.

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival Scrapbook Layout

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  1. Anita Bennett says:

    Wow! you’ve been busy! I enjoyed seeing all your layouts, and the way you’ve used some of your templates – thank you for sharing!

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    WOW I really feel the winter season here haha. Your layouts are really cool and I really had fun seeing them. Thanks for sharing your designs and layouts.

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