Project 365

I have decided, along with a large part of the scrapbooking community, to jump on board with Project 365. The basic premise of this project is to take a photo every day and at the end of every week (or month) make a page layout of the daily photos taken. At the end of the project, you would have a scrapbook showing a snapshot of your year. There are many variations of this, but that is the basic gist of it. I have started strong so far; it is January 3rd and I have 3 photos taken and only 362 to go. We’ll see how far I make it. 🙂

I am excited about this project simply for the glimpse it will provide into the every day goings-on in our household; capturing the simple things that wouldn’t normally make it into a photo, much less a scrapbook. (I will still be taking regular photos of events like I always have; this will just be a supplement or addition to that.)

I am still playing around with different ideas on how to actually get the scrapping done for this project, especially since I am already behind on my regular scrapping. I am thinking perhaps the photos designated for this project will be placed in their own book, perhaps through Shutterfly, so that the scrapping is quick and easy and remains separate from my regular pages that I will be continuing on with during this time as well. There are also a lot of free or for-sale templates being designed in the scrapbooking community especially for this project, so that might be another quick and easy option as well.

Is anyone else participating in Project 365? How’s it going so far?

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5 Responses

  1. Michelle S says:

    Amber, I’m going to give it a try! 🙂 I linked back to this post on my blog so other’s can hear what you’re doing too! I had so much fun with my December photo project that I thought I’d give this a try! 🙂 Thanks for such a fun idea!

  2. That’s great Michelle! You did such a great job on your December photo project, so you are probably already in the groove to continue on with a photo a day. I am finding already that it is tough sometimes coming up with something! 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    So far so good! 5 down, 360 to go! LOL

    I even got a layout done yesterday and used my photo of the day. Schweet!

  4. Kate says:

    I know I stand no chance of completing the full 365, so I’m going for Project 52 instead! LOL A friend of mine did 365 last year and “allowed” herself to take days off when things were too tricky, she said that really helped her to continue and not get weighed down when she slipped behind.

    Best of luck with the project, I’m sure it will such a fun thing to do!

  5. We are off to a great start Erin!! 🙂

    That is a good idea Kate. I have already had a couple of days where the day was almost over and I still hadn’t taken a picture and had to scramble to find something. LOL.

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