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Just Doing Our Part for the Economy

A couple weekends ago, my sisters and I met up in Loveland to do our part for the economy. Translation: we went shopping!! It was fun to have a girls’ day; just the three of us. We each bought ourselves a new outfit or two and had lunch and dinner together. It was a great way to spend the day.

Cindy and Amber

Cindy and Karen

I think Greg was a little irritated that I was gone ALL DAY until I showed him one of my surprise purchases: MarioKart for the Wii. Then all was forgiven. Granted, we didn’t OWN a Wii (and I wasn’t able to find one at any store I tried). But we had long known that once MarioKart came out for the Wii that we would purchase that game console just for that game, so I felt I could purchase it in good conscience without having to discuss the large purchase with him first. I was so excited about getting it; neither of us had heard of the game’s release until Cindy mentioned it to me. And I am so glad I grabbed the game when I did even without being able to also purchase a Wii, because the next three stores I tried didn’t have the game OR the Wii. Greg was so anxious to play our new game that he called several stores the following Monday until we found one that had a Wii in stock. And we have been spending many hours playing ever since. 😛

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  1. Momma says:

    i am glad my girls had such a fun day! 🙂

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