I have decided to work only part-time up until the baby comes. One of my doctors suggested it and provided me with a note that I could hand in to HR. Actually, he suggested that I could quit altogether if I wanted, but I didn’t want to have to cut into my maternity leave time to do that. By working part time, I won’t lose my maternity leave benefits; my salary will just decrease according to the amount of hours I plan on working. So starting yesterday, I will only be working 4-6 hours a day instead of 8. Already I am SO glad I decided to do this. Even though it is somewhat inconvenient having to drive back after just a couple hours to pick up Greg from work since we only use one car, it has been so worth it already to have time to put up my feet and take a nap in the afternoon. I should have started this awhile ago!

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  1. Karen Elaine says:

    That’s great that you were able to do that! I’ll bet that it feels good to be able to take a few moments with your feet up! Love you!

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