Worry for the baby

I have been spotting for a week and a half. This past Tuesday, it was fresh blood, so I became concerned and scheduled a doctor’s appointment. We went in this morning. I wasn’t bleeding at the time; that usually starts in the afternoon after I have been on my feet for awhile. Anyways, we had an internal ultrasound and got to see the baby. Not much to see yet at only 6.5 weeks, but we did get to see the heart beating. Everything measured out fine as well. So I was feeling much encouraged. Until this afternoon.

This afternoon I started bleeding. Like actual bleeding, more than just spotting. Had I not already known I was pregnant, I would just have assumed this was a regular period type of bleeding. And fresh blood. After several hours of this, I called the on-call service, sobbing. The doctor called me back. Long story short; there isn’t anything they can do for me at this point if I am miscarrying. I really hope I am not. I want this baby very much. I am already excited to meet him or her. Adrianna’s little brother or sister. I am going to take it easy this weekend and hope that helps, since there isn’t anything I can do. Nothing but wait. The waiting and not knowing is going to be really tough.

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