Since Greg is gone this week, it is up to me to drop Adrianna off at our neighbor’s house when I go to work. I wasn’t sure how Adrianna would react since she is such a mommy’s girl, but she has taken it in stride. In fact, she doesn’t mind me leaving at all. When Janette greets me at the door, Adrianna flashes her a smile. Janette always says, “Hi, Baby Girl” and then the little boys that she watches echo “Hi, Baby Girl.” The older boys will also sometimes greet her by name. Today, the little boy who is closest in age to Adrianna (he is 18 months old so he is 9 months older than she is) pointed up at Adrianna and said, “Hawna.” Which, in toddler-speak is short for Adrianna. So cute!

After putting Adrianna down on the floor, she immediately began playing with some toys that Janette has out for her. The little 18 month old joined her. Adrianna really seems to enjoy her time over there. She “plays” with the little boys and enjoys watching their rambunctious antics. Janette’s house is probably a lot of fun for her since there is so much going on there for her to observe. At our house, it is just the three of us, so it is pretty quiet comparatively.

Janette told me today that the boys all really like Adrianna too. I guess whenever she makes a peep or sounds like she is going to cry, they all gather around and try to placate her by giving her toys and do whatever else they can think of to make her happy. Sounds like she has it pretty good over there, being the only little girl. It makes me feel good about our decision to put her in childcare. I am still glad that we were able to work it out where it is minimal hours though (around 9 per week).

She may like it over at the babysitter’s, but she still always flashes her mommy a huge smile and reaches for me when I pick her up in the afternoon.

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  1. Karen says:

    Oh, BTW Amber, Thanks for the magazine! When I got the first issue, I couldn’t think of who had sent it to me! But then a couple days later I got your postcard, so yeah. Thanks, I love it! It’s like a Christian Women’s world!

  2. Faith says:

    Mommies are always number 1. No matter what. Ya gotta love that. Makes that whole 9 month thing (or adoption process) worth it! Enjoy your site. I’ll be back often.


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