No More Diapers

For the dogs anyways…

We took our dogs to the vet last Wednesday to be spayed. We wanted to have them done at the same time so they could recover together. Unfortunately Molly’s platelets were low which would be a risk, so we decided to delay their surgeries until today. They did get their annual exam, EKG, all their shots, and bloodwork done though to make sure they were otherwise healthy. When we brought them home later in the day, Molly was still sorta out of it from the sedation. She was just a sweet, lazy, sad little dog.

So today was the big day to try again. Unfortunately, the dogs remembered the vet office this time and announced their displeasure by lots of barking and growling, which was not the case during the previous visit. We had to be shown to a room right away just so I could do the ppwk! How embarrassing! They were also both shivering and quivering incessantly. I felt pretty sad to have to leave them there again.

This time everything was able to proceed as planned. Both girls also got their teeth cleaned and nails trimmed. When Adrianna and I went to visit them tonight, they were surprisingly awake and energetic. I thought they would still be lethargic from all the meds and painkillers. They whined and shivered the entire time we were there, pausing only when I would kiss their cheeks and ears. I wish I could have taken them home with me tonight, but the vet wants to keep them overnight (standard procedure) for observation.

The vet told me that it is really lucky that we decided to get Chloe spayed when we did. It turns out that her uterus was very infected and full of pus. It is the type of thing that wouldn’t show any symptoms for awhile and then all of a sudden would probably give her so much pain that we would of had to make an emergency trip to the vet. So that was an extra complication, but she is going to be fine. They also had to pull three of her teeth.

Molly, on the other hand, didn’t have any complications. The vet did say that it appeared that she was going into heat, which doesn’t surprise me based on Chloe’s recent amorous behavior towards Molly. But hooray – now we won’t have to go through any more heats and diaper wearing with the girls! That will be so nice!

We pick up the girls tomorrow. At the same time, we are bringing Petey in for his annual exam and shots. Our pets must hate us right now.

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  1. janis says:

    Now just need to work on getting Adrianna out of diapers 🙂 Glad the ordeal is over with for you dogs.

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