Subchorionic Hemorrhage

I have been having heavy bleeding since Friday (today’s Monday) so we went to the doctor again to get another checkup. It started out very unsettling, as they tried to do a regular ultrasound and couldn’t see the baby. They didn’t have a tech at the office today who could do a vaginal one, so they sent us downstairs. After a long wait, we got another ultrasound, this one vaginal. It was more than a little embarrassing since I was bleeding so much. (So was the urine sample that I had to give, which ended up being more red than yellow.)

Anyways, they were able to determine that the baby is still there and the heartbeat is still going too. What relief! They also saw what is causing the bleeding; something they called a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. This is basically bleeding behind the placenta, often caused by a blood clot. The complication that this can cause is that it can cause the baby’s sac to detach from the uterus and miscarry. But the doctor said I had a 60% chance that it would be okay. I am hanging on to that hope. We really want this baby.

So now all we can do is wait and take it easy. I am going to stay off my feet as much as possible and work from home. If the bleeding continues this heavy, we will go back on Thursday. If it lightens up to spotting and then starts in heavy again, we go back as well. Otherwise, my next appointment is in two weeks. I guess we will take this one day at a time.

I am so glad the little baby is hanging in there.

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