Paging Doctor Reimer

I am a part of a “focus group” at work. Our main goal is how we can better improve communication in the part of the organization we are in, specifically among management and supervisors. It has been an interesting experience. There are four other focus groups as well, created to tackle other subjects that were brought up in a meeting where we were allowed to air our main grievances.

Each of our focus groups has been responsible to come up with presentations to bring our ideas and proposals to the management team as a whole. Our group chose to do a skit, that would go along with a power point presentation. The skit would be used to illustrate different forms of bad and good communication that were discussed in the powerpoint. This was a major step out of my comfort zone, because these types of things are NOT my forte and I hate to even play charades. (I once pretty much ran off the stage in embarrassment when I was made to perform in a skit in middle school at a camp and that has forever jaded me. I think I gave most of my lines first, but the last few were very ran together and mumbled before I slunk off the stage as fast as I could go.) But anyways, this was for a good cause that I am excited to be a part of, and the script that the team wrote was an entertaining one.

For our skit, four of us were doctors, one was a nurse, and one was a patient. We all had on full scrubs, shower caps on our heads, and face masks. We work for a major office supply company, so our tools were standard office supplies. So we had lines like, “Swingline stapler” and “I need the whiteout, STAT” and “Get the toner over her now – patient going into shock!” and “Nurse, please pass the hole punch” and then we would actually “use” the supplies on the patient as if a real surgery. The audience was laughing for most of the skit and though we were all nervous, we did really well and gave a great presentation.

I am glad I was brave enough to give the skit a try. But I still don’t think I will be playing charades anytime soon. 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    what part did you play? Sounds like a fun skit 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    I was one of the doctors.

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