That Bear Just Won’t Behave

Adrianna's BearAdrianna’s favorite bear is extremely cuddly. But what makes him so huggable also makes him awfully floppy and unable to sit up on his own. Today I saw Adrianna trying to buckle him into a stroller but he wouldn’t sit up; his head kept flopping down on his chest. So she kept trying to straighten him up and was telling him very sternly, “Sit. Right there. Sit. Right there.” When he wouldn’t behave, she became very frustrated. Kinda like how I feel sometimes when dealing with a willful toddler with a mind of her own. I won’t mention any names.

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  1. jamie says:

    Adrianna sounds so cute. I cant wait to have a baby girl too. How’s her UTI doing? Those can be pretty serious if untreated, so glad you caught it early enough. Poor baby. Poor mom. Hope the antibiotics have done the trick by now.

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