Today for Sunday school, our church chartered 3 buses to take the entire church to different nursing homes to sing carols. I am really glad we went along. I really got choked up when I saw how thankful the people in the homes were. It was especially hard in the Alzheimer’s wing for me, thinking of my Grandma and Grandpa Franks who were in this type of wing and all. They were so responsive though – many were mouthing the words along with us or clapping, even if they were clapping to their own beat. One lady even followed us as we walked along the corridor (still singing) to the next wing. I thought that was a cool thing for our church to do. I think it was more rewarding for us than for those we were singing for.

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  1. Karen says:

    That is cool. The year that Grandpa Franks died, my college choir went to sing carols at a nursing home, and when I saw the Alzheimer’s residents I broke down and cried. There was a man who really looked a lot like Grandpa. I kept wishing that I could have sung for MY grandparents in a choir like that!

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