A Sacrifice for the Kingdom

A few years ago, Greg and I were involved in a young adults group at the church we were attending (not Riverside Baptist). The leader of the group was a nice guy and pretty well-off financially.

One day he was telling our group a story of a recent event in his life and trying to relate it to making sacrifices for the kingdom of God or something like that. I don’t want to be derisive by this post; I simply think it is a funny story. This is a paraphrase of his lesson.

My wife and I decided to install an outdoor jacuzzi at our new house this week. The guy installing it was not a Christian. We got to talking and he seemed interested in and open to Christianity, so we decided to use this opportunity to witness to him. The project was nearing its end.To get extra time to talk with the young gentleman, we decided to have some extras installed, such as having custom stone masonry instead of just a standard wooden deck. It was an extra expense, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the kingdom of God.

Hehe. I am sure he meant well.

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