Adrianna’s Oh No’s

I put Adrianna in her crib this afternoon so she could take a nap. As she often does, she chattered happily to her bears for awhile after I left the room. Some time had passed when I heard her chatters clearly become, “Oh nooo. Oh nooo. Oh nooo.”

Her “Oh-no’s” can mean just about anything; dropping a piece of food off her highchair, throwing her bear out of the crib, etc. But I thought I had better peek into the room just to make sure everything was okay.

As I looked around the corner, there was my little girl, standing up in her crib, completely naked. Her diaper and clothes had been tossed to the floor. As I opened the door, she pointed to her bedding, still saying, “Oh nooo.”

And oh yes, my little girl had made a mess. Thankfully only the peeing kind and not a whole lot of that, but enough to warrant a bedding change as well as a prompt extraction from the crib to put on a new diaper. She never did end up taking a nap, though I tried valiantly (and frustratedly) to keep trying and hoping she would fall asleep. I know I sure wanted a nap.

Isn’t it amazing how many of my posts are about messes these days?

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5 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Im glad ethan hasnt learned to take off his pj’s yet. Im always amazed at the things he doesnt try to do. He’s never tried to get out of the crib or take off his clothes. It’s like he knows it’s a “no-no”. He’s very obedient. Must get that from Javi bc Ive always been a push mom til she breaks and keeping pushing kinda kid. But we’ll take e to the park and there’s a small rod iron rail that separates the park for the dogs and the park for the kids and ethan’s little friend will always try to crawl over it and ethan will point at him and say, “no, no. There no. caca there” and we’ve never had to tell him to not do that. I’ve been praying with ethan for a while now. Now I ask him, do you want to say our prayers and thank God? and he’ll say yeah. and then we name the stuff we’re thankful for, like mama and papa and he’ll name kids from his school and I’ll say for Jesus who died on the cross so that we can live forever with God in heaven or something along those lines. I dont think he really gets that part but he listens.

  2. Erin says:

    Hey Amber-
    I know you have a talent for creating your own stuff, but in case there ever comes a day when you are like me and have no creativity whatsoever, check out this site. She compiles a list of the freebies from LOTS of blogs every week. I’ve found some good stuff so far. Happy scrapping!

  3. Amber says:

    Thanks for the tip! I am bookmarking this site in my RSS feeds; she provides a lot of links to some fabulous digital scrapbooking freebies. I especially like the Easter templates and cannot wait to put the pictures we have taken today into them.

  4. Adrianna says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Adrianna, too, and I was just wondering how you decided on the name for your child.
    Thanks very much!

  5. Amber says:

    Hi Adrianna,

    Thank you for the comment. There are several reasons why I chose the name “Adrianna” for my daughter. I think it is a beautiful name and I like the way it looks written down too. I also was looking for a name that wasn’t too commonly used right now. Most of the names I had on my list for baby names ended in “anna” or “ia” so I must like the way those types of names sound.

    We pronounce her name as “ay dree AH nah” but I have noticed that lots of people also pronounce it “ay dree AN ah.” It is a big name for a little girl just learning to talk, so she calls herself “Rah-rah” and some of her little toddler friends pronounce it “Hawna” or “Yawna.” We haven’t shortened her name into a nickname ourselves, but once she heads off to school that her friends might.

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