Poop is a Mess

Recently one of our dogs had an “accident” in our house of the pooping nature. I am never happy when this happens and make a lot of grumbling, irritable sounds as I pull out the steam cleaner and clean up the mess. What really irks me is how the easy-to-clean linoleum floor, usually less than a foot away, is rarely the target. In the dogs’ defense, thankfully this type of accident in the house only occurs when we miss their signals that they want to go out, they are sick and cannot help it, or they are on the other side of a baby gate and were unable to pester us to let them go out.

Anyways, back to the recent poop episode. Adrianna spotted the mess and wanted to talk about it.

“Yeah, the dogs pooped in the house.”
“That’s right sweetie. Poop IS a mess.”

This same conversation is now prompted by various events even though the dogs haven’t had an accident since. Adrianna will see the steam cleaner and remember that I used it to clean the carpet afterwards. She also brings it up when I let the dogs outside to do their business or sometimes when I change her diaper.

Speaking of messes, a few weeks ago she was sick and threw up in her crib. She started crying, which prompted us to run into her room where I found her standing up. She then pointed at the barf in her crib and stated, “Messh.”

I am so thankful that she recognizes “messes” like these and mostly knows to avoid them. Hopefully there will be no more diaper disasters due to this growing awareness.

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  1. janis says:

    I am glad we didnt happen to be there this time, or my dogs would have been blamed for the poop, lol!

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