The phone rang this afternoon and before I even realized what she was doing, Adrianna reached right up and grabbed it off of my desk, put it to her ear and answered, “Hehwo?” She would have kept talking had I not snapped back to reality and grabbed it from her. (Greg works from home and I was afraid it might be a coworker calling.)

Even though she has been chattering away for months on her toy cell phone, tv remote, or anything else that resembles a phone, I was still taken off guard when SHE answered the phone. I guess it surprised me because every time she ASKS to talk on the phone to whoever we may be chatting to, she becomes silent and just listens as soon as she is handed the phone. But not so this afternoon. She surprises me every day.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    hehe they sure like to imitate dont they?

  2. cindy says:

    Amber, this is the time to get caller ID, being a telemarkter(rrr) people see us calling and let their toddlers and kids answer the phone to just ramble, talk about things, and what not until we hang up because we don’t want to talk or spend time on the phone as it is, despite how adorable the kid is, we have homework to do! haha, so i guess it works to get us to stop calling…that day.

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