First Bottle

Well, it appears that, true to predictions by our family, that this blog has become primarily about Adrianna. I cannot help it; she is the most interesting thing in my life right now. I am not working and I haven’t left the house for awhile other than grocery and doctor trips, so what do you expect? Plus, the grandparents are probably glad to hear about their new little granddaughter anyways since they cannot be here to see the going on first hand.

Today we gave Adrianna her first bottle. It was with some pumped milk, so she still got her nutrients. Greg had the honors of introducing her to the bottle, which made for a nice break for me. I really wish I would have thought to have a camera handy for the event. Adrianna wasn’t too sure about the bottle. She made some funny faces when the unfamiliar nipple was placed into her mouth. But once some of the milk dropped onto her tongue, I think she recognized the familiar taste because from that point on she began to take to it. She still made some funny faces, but eventually finished the entire thing. I am glad we introduced it to her early on, as I am hoping that we will be able to use a bottle more often from here on out in order to give me more flexibility.

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