More Sentence Progression

Adrianna said her longest intelligible sentence today. Actually, it was two sentences together.

Greg was playing his banjo when Adrianna approached him and said, “Daddy chi-chinge. Poop’s a mess.”

Translation: Daddy, I need a diaper change. I have poop, and poop is a mess.

She was correct. She did need a diaper change and poop is a mess.

Poop is a mess” has been one of her favorite sentences for a month now. She is also good at asking for diaper changes, although this is the first time she has strung the two statements together. Her other favorites are still “bye-bye tain” and “Daddy bye-bye tair-tain.” I think we still have these conversations on a daily basis.

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3 Responses

  1. momma says:


  2. jamie says:

    Poop is a mess. good job Adrianna. Ethan’s daily conversation is “David malo” then we have to go through the list of people we know (and we know a lot) and list them as either bueno or malo. Usually only David, the rather rambunctious and naughty boy from Ethan’s class, ever gets labeled malo. he also gets blames for any injury incured at school or at home. No matter how far away, he’s convinced David has had something to do with his falling down.

  3. momma says:

    Dad said now that she is understanding that poop is a mess, it is time to get the potty chair out!

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