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I have been having a mental block on my scrapbooking lately. Sometimes pages are just hard to put together or to come up with ideas on layout. I am still not completely crazy about this page, but at the same time I am just glad to have it completed (at least for now) because I have been staring at my computer and trying different things for several evenings straight now with no visible results prior to tonight. I think part of my problem is that I am now starting into scrapbooking Adrianna’s baby pictures, and for some reason I find that a bit intimidating. I want to get it right since these pictures are so special to me. And there are just so many pictures to choose from. How do I pick just a few? It is no wonder that I have a tendency to cram as many pictures onto a page as I can.
April 20, 2005

In looking at these pictures of my sweet little girl and remembering those first moments, I am really amazed at how quickly time has passed. She will be two years old in just over a month. My little baby. She has grown up so much.

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  1. jamie says:

    uh-oh… you spend too much time with A’s baby pictures and the baby fever flares up.
    So you’ve got a lil secretary at the house already huh? I cant believe she’s answering the phone, now if you could just get her to send emails you’d be set.

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