Communion Song

I enjoy watching American Idol every week. My favorites this season (so far) are Chris Sligh, Melinda DooLittle and Blake Lewis. Chris is hilarious (and a fantastic singer), Melinda seems very sweet and has an amazing voice and Blake is unique and fun. But for the most part, I really enjoy almost all of the contestants right now.

Chris Sligh is a worship pastor and he has a free download available of a song he wrote called Communion Song. I recommend it. It would even be a great song to incorporate into a Communion Service at a church; you can order the sheet music at the link provided as well.

Thanks to Josh for the tip. (Josh and I both went to Camp Grace in high school) 🙂

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  1. janis says:

    I was able to download it. I really like his voice. Dad likes him too. but of course Hayley is his first choice….

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