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My sister-in-law, Jess, took this picture of Greg and his brother Jeff on a hike in Eldorado Canyon a couple of months ago. I don’t often put just one picture on a page, but I felt this one was worthy of an entire page all to itself, as it was such a perfect moment of the kids with their dads.

To blend the photo into the background, I had fun playing with the feather mode in Photoshop. I also used the eraser tool to help blur/feather out a car that was in an inconvenient place on the side of the road the guys were walking down.

The journaling is a quote by Sarah Orne Jewett that reads, “My dear father; my dear friend; the best and wisest man I ever knew, who taught me many lessons and showed me many things as we went together along the country by-ways.”

Just Daddy and Me

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