Today is my 27th birthday. Goodness, that is hard to believe that I am that old already! I took the day off from work, but not to do anything exciting. I have spent literally all afternoon so far working on homework. I am now taking a much needed break from all that!

Sunday night my mom and Karen came down to spend the night. It was fun seeing them, and we were able to spend some time scrapbooking/making homemade cards, which is always cool.

Then, last night, Greg’s whole family came through town and stayed with us. They took us out to Outback for our birthday dinners, which was really nice. I only wish they could have stayed longer, but they were on their way to Vancouver, BC, helping Jeff and Jess move.

Tonight, Greg is going to take me shopping so I can help pick out my gift. We are going to buy a digital video camera, which is something I have been wanting for awhile now.

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  1. janis says:

    it’s always fun staying at your house:) and missy liked it too:)

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