The Price of Sleeping In

Adrianna normally sleeps in until around 8:00 each morning. Unfortunately I do not get to partake of this blessing very often since I often am at work by 6:00. So when Saturdays roll around, I really look forward to sleeping in. (It is funny to think that back in my highschool and college days I never would have thought 8:00 was sleeping in!)

Today however, I was very disappointed that Adrianna woke up sometime before 7. Ugh. Neither Greg and I wanted to get up, having both stayed up until past midnight. So we let her fuss for awhile with the hopes that she would eventually entertain herself or fall back to sleep. Sure enough, after awhile was quiet until 9.

When Adrianna started fussing again at 9, we dragged our still tired selves out of bed; Greg to go make breakfast and me to go rescue Adrianna from her crib.

When I opened her bedroom door, I was greeted with quite a surprise. Adrianna was standing up in her crib, completely naked. No pajamas, no diaper, nothing. Her diaper was in her crib and she’d thrown her pajamas onto the floor.

Now I think I know why it was quiet for so long.

Thankfully there wasn’t any mess or any poo. I feel like this is a warning; next time we may not be so lucky now that she has figured out how to get all the way out of her footie pajamas. I have read way too many stories on other mommy blogs about poo paintings.

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  1. janis says:

    Yes I think you were lucky, no mess, hehe!

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