O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Today was the perfect day (other than the baby waking us up early thing.) We laxed around the house all morning. Then we decided to brave the holiday rush and go Christmas shopping, which really wasn’t too bad. The weather outside was beautiful too – in the fifties. We used a small stroller instead of putting Adrianna into a cart, and that helped hugely as we navigated the busy-ness that is always prevalent at the Walmart near our house.

One thing that both our families are doing this year is a Secret Santa gift exchange – one for each side of the family. We used SecretSanta.com to randomize who has who. It is great because it also lets you setup exclusions so that spouses don’t get each other. Anyways, I love that we do gifts this way because it really eases up on the shopping stress since we each only need to buy one gift (well, two gifts since both sides of the families are doing it this year) rather than buying a gift for EVERY member of the family. It also means that we spend a little more money on that one gift than we would if we had to buy for everyone. Kids are not part of the gift exchange which means anyone can buy a gift for them but nobody is required to do so either. Either way, I am sure they will get plenty of gifts.

After Walmart, we had lunch at Cici’s Pizza. I love Cici’s Pizza. It is a buffet so you get your food right away, the food is good, the prices are even better, and it is extremely kid friendly. I have never seens so many high-chairs in one place! Since everyone else there has young children, it isn’t a big deal when your child acts up as the chances are that they aren’t the only one doing so. It is just a great stress-free place to eat with kids. And since Adrianna LOVES pizza (zaza) and cheesesticks (cheese), she always eats a good meal.

After Cici’s we headed over to the mall and bought Greg some new jeans. And hooray – they were on sale.

Then it was time to head home where all three of us took a 2 hour nap. Aaaahhh. I love me a good nap.

For dinner, I made french toast. Another favorite of Adrianna’s and mine. We then put on some Christmas tunes and put up and decorated our Christmas tree. I can see already that the ornaments within Adrianna’s reach probably will have a problem staying ON the tree. In prior years it was always our kitties that knocked the ornaments off the tree. Now I think it will be our very active, curious toddler.

Adrianna is now in bed and Greg and I are listening to Eisley while Greg follows along with his new bass guitar. What a perfect day.

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