Mommy Handles

I have mentioned many times before that Adrianna likes to dance with me. This usually consists of her sitting against my hip as we twirl and bounce around to whatever music is playing at the time. I hold on to her pretty tightly so she doesn’t fall, as she doesn’t always hang on herself.

Today however, Adrianna discovered a new handhold for these dancing times – my breast. Yep. She started out by patting it a few times, which isn’t a new thing. But today she actually grabbed it and was holding on as we danced. She also kept pushing on it, trying to push it in I guess. No amount of persuasion on my part would make her stop. In fact, as usually happens in the way of toddler persistance, it actually encouraged her to want to hold on to it even more. So I finally decided to ignore it, hoping that she would bore of the new game.

This actually reminded me of a story we like to tell from when my sister Cindy was little. We were visiting my Aunt Diana in Iowa and she was giving Cindy a ride on her back. Cindy reached around Aunt Diana’s front and found, well, you know. After which, she proudly exclaimed, “Look Mommy! Handles!”

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    ethan sometimes likes to put his hand down my shirt and pat my tummy or see his hand come out the other end of my shirt. I try to tell him “those arent yours anymore they’re mine now, so leave em alone” but he doesnt care. They’re so funny. RYC: I go back and forth, back and forth, back and… about what to do. Why wont God just tell me what to do? Im going crazy with the stress and when Im fine, then javi goes crazy. I’ll be glad when the big decisions are over.

  2. cindy says:

    mine is actually on video though, haha.

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