Adrianna’s Second Birthday

Today is Adrianna’s second birthday. We had a little party for her over at our neighbor’s house with all her little friends from childcare.

One of the first things we did was have Adrianna blow out two candles on her cake. It took a few attempts, but she got them out on her own. Then it was time to dig into the chocolate cake we had bought for her. All the kids really enjoyed the cake. Adrianna liked it so much that she ended up wearing some of it.
Blowing out the candlesChocolate Cake!

The biggest hit of the day was the helium balloon we got for Adrianna. She played with it most of the afternoon and evening. She loves her “boon.” But no matter how cool a new toy may be, there is always time to cuddle a bear too.
Adrianna's new balloon

Another gift Adrianna received for her birthday is a playhouse. We actually gave it to her last week. She enjoys playing in this house quite a bit. One of the first things she did was drag most of her toys into the house. Sometimes she will invite us to come in and join her by opening the door and beckoning to us while saying, “In.” I am taking advantage of the invites, because I know someday she will be a teenager with a sign on her door that says “Keep Out.”
Adrianna's New House Adrianna's House

Adrianna also got a present in the mail from her Grammy and her Grampy. She insisted on wearing the shorts on her head.

Adrianna's new outfit Adrianna's New Outfit

Since it was her birthday, we let her choose what we were going to have for dinner. She wanted “ghe-ee” so we got spaghetti from Fazoli’s. All in all, it was a fun day. I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old.

More birthday pictures can be found in my Picasa Web Album.

Update: Here is a video of Adrianna singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Happy Birthday Adriana. I feel the same way you do about wanting them to stay small but loving every minute of watching them grow. I love all the funny things they do, like put shorts on their head and have an opinion about dinner and shoes. I also love every time Ethan wants me to play with him, every time he takes me by the hand and says, “mama ven” I love how loved he makes me feel. I just pray that I can show him how much I love him too even on those days when Im busy and tired and dont feel much like going to the park again. I still drag myself because I want to show him too that he’s the most important little guy in my world. I dont know what I’m going to do when this next baby is born. How will I balance it and make sure they both feel special? I guess mom’s just figure it out, but I’ll be praying about it that’s for sure.

  2. Jen says:

    How adorable!! =) I can’t beleive she’s already 2!

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