Adrianna’s Crib

Tonight is Adrianna’s first night in her crib and in her own room. She was starting to outgrow her bassinet, so we went to get a mattress for the crib tonight. We tied the mattress to the top of our car, since we no longer have the truck to carry bigger items. As we were driving home, some idiot in a white minivan almost sideswiped our car. They totally swerved sharply into our lane right where our car was. My cat-like reflexes kicked into high-gear, and I was able to deftly manuever out of the way. Then I honked. Sure got my adrenaline pumping. Greg said that his faith in my driving has been reinforced. Not that it was ever lost, but I have been known to be a curb-jumper.

Anyways, back to the crib. I am a little nervous now that Adrianna will be sleeping in her own room. Sure, she will have her baby monitor and all (and it has a motion sensor on it even), but I have grown accustomed to checking on her in the middle of the night to make sure she is breathing and that all is well. Now, she will be in another room and out of my sight. Maybe this will help me sleep better, at least once I get used to the arrangement. Feedings in the middle of the night will be less convenient, but I am hoping to get her back into sleeping most of the night through again.

So far, she has been asleep in her new digs for about an hour, so that is good. She looks comfy and oh-so-cute in her little footy sleeper.

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