Seizure Scare

Last night we got a phone call from my brother-in-law Zach. My younger sister, Karen, had just had a seizure. You may remember that she had two brain tumors growing up. She has been in remission for at least five or six years now, but this is a worry for us that something like this may be returning. She has never had a seizure before.

Karen is doing fine now. She is in the hospital and they are still running tests. They have determined that she didn’t have a stroke, for which we are so thankful. Blood tests and an intial CAT scan also came back normal. They are going to do an MRI and an EEG to measure electrical activity in the brain today.

I am so thankful that Zach was home. He is in school to be a pharmacist and so he has some medical training and was home when it happened and he knew exactly what to do. Thankfully he recently had quit his job so he could study more, otherwise he might have been at work when it happened! When Karen initially woke up in the ambulance, she didn’t remember what happened and was scared and confused but she is totally back to normal now. I talked to her today and she is doing good. We are all just anxious to receive the results of these latest tests.

My mom and Karen’s in-laws have traveled to the town where she lives to provide support to Karen and Zach. My other sister, Cindy, lives nearby to Karen too so she is also helping as she can.

Can you please pray for my sister? This is a scary time for us and we are hoping that everything is okay. I will update when I have more information.

You can send Karen well wishes on her blog at

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