Did you Vote?

So I almost voted for a Democrat this election. Yep, really. I almost did. I still feel on the fence about it. I wasn’t really crazy about the Republican candidate for one of the Colorado offices and I feel that one shouldn’t vote a straight party ticket just because you might consider yourself from that party. I am proud of myself that I did research each candidate before making my final decisions. The only thing that kept the Democrat from receiving my vote was his view on abortion. That issue is very important to me and was enough to sway my vote away. I Voted!

The polling place we went to had the new computerized voting. Normally I am all about computerizing and digitizing processes and procedures (after all, that’s my job!), but my experience today was not a positive one. The computers that were being used to check all the registered voters in to were extremely slow and caused huge delays and backups. It was quite ridiculous. Once we were signed in, then the actual voting itself went really quickly.

I didn’t vote for all of the amendments and legal mumbo jumbo. Just the ones that I had read up on and felt I understood and/or cared about.

Adrianna was with us so that presented an extra nicety to the long wait. I am sure the people already in the voting booths just loved the added distraction of a screeching toddler as they read through all the ballot proposals that only a person with a law degree could understand. Considering the long wait, she was pretty well behaved though. She also brought a few smiles to the people around us when she would point out and name various objects in the room (her new one is “Kla” for clock) or when she spotted her Daddy after he had voted and yelled out “Daah!” Yep, didn’t matter that she had just seen him a few minutes ago. She loves her Daddy and she was excited to see him again.

I just have to say that voting today, in spite of the wait, was a great experience. I think this is the first time I have voted for an election that didn’t include a Presidential election. Hooray, me! I just felt all proud and citizeny walking into the polling place and looking at all the others around me, there to let their voices be heard in our government too. I love our country. I love that we can have a say in who runs it.

So, did you vote?

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