I’m the Momma

Even on the days I work from home, Greg gets up with Adrianna and gets her ready for the day since I am already working by the time they both wake up.

This morning, they were both downstairs and I was upstairs on my computer, working away. Then I heard Adrianna’s little voice drifting up the stairs. “Ma-mah. Ma-mah. Ma-mah.” When she says momma, her voice inflection is slightly higher on the second syllable and she accents the second syllable as well. So cute. How could I resist going downstairs?

Turns out she wasn’t really calling to me. She had gotten into my purse and found my work badge, which has my picture on it. So she was pointing at my picture and saying, “Ma-mah. Ma-mah. Ma-mah.”

Even though she isn’t supposed to get into my purse, she was just too darn cute to warrant a reprimanding. She got a big hug and kisses instead. My purse was swiftly moved to a safe place out of reach of little, sticky hands.

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Id love for ethan to call me ma-mah. He knows how to say it but he never does. I cant wait til he can say, mama I love you. Imagine how our hearts will melt.

  2. janis says:

    yeah enjoy the “I love you mommas” now, when they become teenagers it just might change to “I hate you mom!” The good news is, when they get to be in their 20’s, if you can hold on, it wonderfully changes to “I love you mom” again! :):):)

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