A New Boss

I just found out last week that I am getting a new boss. I guess our director is being re-orged to another department soon. i have to admit that I am very sad about the change. He has only been my official boss for a few months (though I have worked with him for 3 or 4 years on various development projects), but these past few months with him as my manager have had me more happy to come to work than I have been in a couple of years. I have always loved my job, but having a manager who is so vocally appreciative of the hard work I do and extra hours I put in and who is great handing out recognition has been like a breath of fresh air. I am highly motivated by recognition (who isn’t?) and his positive feedback always inspires me to work even harder. He has also been very supportive of my work goals and helped me reach some of them in the short time as my manager.

I am really disappointed that he will no longer be my boss. I can honestly say that he has been one of my favorite managers of all time. Which is funny, because when I first had to work with him several years ago we didn’t get along. He can be very abrupt and demanding and, being the emotional being I am, found that hard to take at times. And at the time, I was just a developer and he was the “customer” so to speak and he wasn’t MY boss. But we eventually learned to work together and then I eventually decided that I wanted to move to his team very badly. Then once he became my boss this year I got to see his other side: how he treats his own employees. He backs his people up 100% and lives by his motto that his #1 job is to make us happy to come to work every day. I would say he lived up to that, at least for me.

I have done a few training classes for the other employees of our new manager, so I have had to work with him on a limited basis. He seems very knowledgeable and my first impression is that he will be a good boss to work for.

And okay, I have to brag a little bit. This is, after all, MY blog so here goes:

We were having a meeting on Thursday to meet our new boss. About half of the team that I am associated with was there, so about 50 people. During the Q&A session, our new boss mentioned this relatively new website consisting of about a hundered different types of forms (that I built) that allows people throughout the company to submit work requests to various departments. Our new boss started raving about the site and how this site was exactly the type of thing he is looking for in how we relate to and work with our internal customers and asked my old boss if “his team had developed it.” So my boss pointed me out and said , “Actually, Amber developed it. She’s there sitting in the front row.” So that was pretty cool. I am sure I was glowing. 🙂

Did I mention that I love my job?

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