Another Seizure

Karen had another seizure this morning. This time she was home alone when it happened, but luckily her husband Zach called her not long after it happened. (Zach was in Fort Collins, starting his rotation for pharmacy school.) He could tell that she was confused and not herself, so he immediately called my other sister, Cindy, to take her to the hospital. The doctors were able to determine that Karen had another seizure. We think it happened around seven in the morning, but she doesn’t remember anything. She woke up with blood on her face and there was a pool of blood on the floor. She has a bump on her nose and something that appears to be rug burn on her face, so we think she fell off of the couch (where she had been sleeping) onto the floor and got a bloody nose in the midst of the seizing.

Karen is doing better tonight, but she has to stay in the hospital overnight because a CAT scan showed blood on her brain. Since this is her second seizure, the doctors are advising that she needs to take medication for them now. I am here at the hospital with her now, along with Mom and Zach. Cindy was here most of the day too. I am glad I live close enough to drive up here and be with everyone right now.

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  1. momma says:

    Thank you so much for coming and being with us! I know Karen really appreciated it and so did I!

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