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My department at work just moved to a new building. Today was my first day at the new building. Everything was chaos. Our entire team had issues with their new computers, which meant a lot of work time was lost. ARGH. I hate it when things don’t work. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have been configured correctly since the facilities/desktop support people had to have known that we were being moved in.

One really cool thing is that my team was able to assist with a lot of desktop configurations today for the customer care team, which we are an extension of. Technically, my team (there are three of us) is responsible for the development and support of online automated forms. We are not versed in desktop issues nor is that our role. But being more technically minded than the average user, we were still able to resolve a lot of issues for the customer care team and I have noticed that they are really starting to come to us more with all kinds of computer issues. I really enjoy helping others out, so I don’t mind one bit, even if it isn’t really my job role. So Ann and I were really busy helping everyone else get up and running. Which is great for our team, since desktop support wasn’t responding quickly at all to their (or our) needs. I had a ticket in ALL day asking for someone to give me admin permissions on my computer so I could install the software I needed to do my job (you have to be an admin to install software and unfortunately that isn’t something just anyone can setup), and it still wasn’t done by the time I left. So, even if I wasn’t able to do my job, at least we were able to help other people do theirs.

I have mixed feelings about this move to this new building. After my first day there, I see many pros and cons.


  1. Longer commute. It is probably an extra 15 minutes each way, and that is with GOOD traffic since I am on the road at 5:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
  2. More traffic. I was amazed at how many other vehicles were on the road this morning. Before, my commute to Broomfield was always pretty sparse, but now going the opposite direction to Aurora is probably 2-3 times busier.
  3. We are in a call center now. Even though my immediate team isn’t a part of the actual customer service personnel taking calls, it is quite noisy. And the place is only half full right now, so it is bound to get noisier as more people are hired.
  4. The cubicles are miniscule. They are probably only 1/4 the size of the cubicle I had at our last building. I was only able to unpack half of my stuff. Thankfully we were able to arrange for a few file cabinets to store the remaining items.


  1. A cafeteria again! Hooray! Even though it is really tiny, it is great for those days where I forget to bring my lunch, which I do about 9 out of every 10 times.
  2. I share a double cubicle space with Ann. She has a son who is exactly a month older than Adrianna, so we like to talk. 🙂
  3. Everyone has two monitors on their computers and the screens are huge! I love it.
  4. The pop machine has 20 oz diet coke (the old building only had cans) and the price is better too. I know, this is a silly one, but I need my caffeine since I get up before the butt crack of dawn.
  5. The outdoor break area / smoking area is really nice and even has patio tables and chairs. I don’t smoke, but I do go on break with some friends who do. It is so nice outside that I like taking my break outside with them.
  6. Since we were able to help so much with the techy stuff and complications from our move, the Customer Care team is asking us for help more and more. I like being needed and appreciated. I also enjoy helping others and am learning more tech stuff along the way. A couple of the things we were asked today we didn’t know how to do, but we were able to Google search or go through some Program Help Menus and figure it out for the users. No matter that they could have done the same thing; it made us look pretty good since we were able to resolve their issues. hehe.
  7. I am excited for the newness of it all. I don’t usually like change, but for some reason I still find myself looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    well it sounds like its all good.

  2. Nettie says:

    I hope things work out well for you in your new job! And that gas gets cheaper since your commute is longer.

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