Ann and I went to the work dinner with the divisional personnel on Thursday evening. It was so worth it. By the end, I felt like I got to know a few of my coworkers much better. I am just bummed that they live all over the country so that we don’t get to work together (i.e. same location) even though we work together as a team. But yet Ann and I technically are not a part of that team even though all the work we do is for that team and we love that team and I feel that we really belong there. But for some reason we are still in a different department. Ah, Corporate politics. I don’t think I want to ever play that game nor will I ever fully understand it.

I ordered myself a nice apple sangria. I decided what the heck, this is a fun get-together and even better, the company is paying for it. 🙂 And after the day I’d had, I needed some downtime.

After I got home, I was just abuzz with excitement after my enjoyable evening so I talked Greg’s ear off about everything that went on and different things that were discussed. He says that I was schmoozing my way up in the company. Haha. (That’s really not true.) It really is more that I enjoy their company. Some of us stayed pretty late talking shop and about our families and there were hugs all around when we left. What a great evening.

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