Christmas Time Still isn’t Here

We were supposed to have “Christmas” with my family this past weekend since we had to cancel our getting-together in December due to Adrianna’s RSV. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Again. This time it was Mother Nature’s fault. The roads out of the town my sisters live in were closed due to the blowing snow and the roads from my parents’ house weren’t much better. Thankfully though, Cindy, Kendall, and the babies had left before the most recent storm had hit (visiting Kendall’s brother) so that they were already in the Denver area. After being snowed in at Kendall’s brother’s place for an extra day, they were able to spend Saturday and part of Sunday with us. That really made my weekend. I would have been really disappointed and sad about it all if they hadn’t been able to come.

Adrianna LOVES her little cousins. She kept pointing at them and saying, “Baby. Baby.” She only got jealous of me holding them once, right at first. She also wasn’t too keen on sharing her toys, specifically a little toy piano.

Cindy, Layla, and Adrianna

Cindy, Layla, and Adrianna

But most of all, she was a good little helper when it came to Aidan and Layla, mimicking everything she saw us do with them. Covering them up with their blankets, giving them their pacifiers or little toys, rocking them in their carseats, or helping them bounce in their bouncy chairs.

Aidan and Adrianna

Adrianna and Aidan

Adrianna was very sad to see everyone leave. She cried when she realized the babies were going “bye bye.” Then she stood at the door for about five minutes after they left, looking outside and saying, “Bye, Bye. Bye, Bye.”

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  1. janis says:

    Missed being with you guys. But I am glad too that Cindy was able to spend time with you (and me! 🙂 Adrianna sure looks cute in her little dress!

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