RSS Feed for Photo Galleries

Well, you asked for it (Jeff), so here it finally is. I have created an RSS feed for our photo galleries. Even though the feed’s code is very simple in that it is not dynamically generated or anything, I am still quite proud to say that I made it all by myself. No help from Greg and with no prior knowledge on how to do this. I love online tutorials.

So, here it is – the official No Reimer Reason – Photo Galleries RSS Feed.

Since this is something that I am manually updating right now, I will probably not list every single new photo as a separate item in the feeds because, well, I am lazy. Instead I will just post that I have updated the galleries with pictures from X date to Y date. But at least you will be able to see when there is an update, along with a link to the page where the update has taken place.

Feed away!

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