Adrianna Discovers the Moon

Tonight we went to Guitar Center to pick up something for Greg and then to the mall for me. As were were leaving the mall at about 7:30, it was already mostly dark. The moon is full tonight and shining brightly, so I pointed it out to Adrianna. She likes pointing out lights on the ceilings wherever we are, so I thought she would enjoy seeing the bright light of the moon. I was right.

“See the moon Adrianna? Moon. That circle with the bright light is the moon. Moon.”
“Yes, good job Adrianna! Moon!”

Adrianna pointed at the moon the whole way home. Whenever the moon wasn’t out of sight due to tall buildings, trees, or bridges, we could here her exclaiming from the backseat, “Maaah! Maaah! Maaah!” After awhile, she was shouting the word out with excitement. Yes, she loves the moon.

Even as I was putting her to bed tonight, she pointed at her window and asked, “Maaah?” Then she redirected her finger to objects in her room.

“Yes sweetie, that is a dog. Very good!”
“Very good Adrianna. That is an elephant.”

She is really learning her words and object identification quite well. I am so proud of her.

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3 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    I love your site and love reading about Adrianna she is the cutest thing. I love the picture below. I couldnt help but laugh at A’s expression and the other little girls admiration. ethan just stares and stares at the older kids. He wants to be them so bad. Today javi told ethan to put his toys away (he’s been really good about that lately, e not Javi) and Javi threw one of ethans blocks in it’s bin with his feet and now e only wants to put his toys away with his feet. Too funny. When you see the little kids, doesnt it make you think A needs a little sis/bro? That’s what I keep thinking about E. He loves little babies. He’ll kiss them and touch this softly. He’s wonderful with babies.

  2. Brony says:

    Isn’t it wonderful watching them grow?

  3. Brony says:

    Me again.
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my 100th post.

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