Uh Oh

Adrianna’s new saying of the week is, “Uh oh.” She says it when she “accidently” drops food on the floor. She says it when she knocks over her stacking toys. And she says it when she takes off her shoes.

She recently outgrew her last pair of Robeez shoes. (Robeez are the BEST toddler shoes ever, by the way. Thanks to Jeff and Jess for introducing them to us.) So, I had to buy her a new pair of shoes. Her new pair of shoes easily unvelcro to take them on and off. Too easily. They are not Robeez. Adrianna takes them off all the time. We have since purchased another pair of Robeez online and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Today, our childcare provider called me with a funny story. She had only Adrianna and Lily this morning, so she decided to make a quick trip to Walmart. Adrianna kept taking off her new shoes and dropping them, saying her cute, “Uh oh” as she did so. So Janette would pick them back up and put them back on, only to have the scenario repeat. By the time they got to the register though, one shoe was missing. Adrianna must have taken one shoe off without uttering an “Uh oh” warning. Janette had to retrace her steps and enlist a couple employees to help for about 15 minutes to find the shoe.

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