I received the very sad news today that Chloe’s daughter (and Molly and Annabelle’s sister) had to be put to sleep. She hurt her back pretty badly last week and it was getting progressively worse and worse to the point where she was almost fully paralyzed and couldn’t even control her bladder. She was also in a lot of pain, so Jennifer had to make the agonizing decision for her dear, beloved puppy.

I am heartbroken. I loved this little dog from the moment she was born. I feel like I am missing a part of our extended family somehow.

Here is a picture of the three sisters, Daphne, Annabelle, and Molly, from 2003 when they were about 6 weeks old.

Daphne, Annabelle, and Molly

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  1. Lee Anne says:

    Oh how sad! I am sorry to hear about the loss. Pets have a way of making our lives so fullfilled.

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