Four shots

Adrianna had been constipated for 3 or 4 days. I was getting a little worried, but I knew I had a doctor appt for her scheduled. But what do you know – she decided to break the no-poo run on Friday just a few minutes before we were to leave for her appt. Figures. But I was glad nonetheless. In fact, I was thrilled. I even ran upstairs (after changing the diaper) just to tell Greg about it. We were worried about her, so I feel justified that it was okay to get a little excited about such an icky thing.

Whenever I take Adrianna in to the doctor, they weigh her and they require that she be completely undressed, diaper and all. You undress the baby in a room with the exception of their diaper, which you take off once you put the baby on the scale. This is the safest way to do it, as then there is less chance for your baby to make a mess on the way to the scale. I forgot that part today though and took her diaper off in the room too before we went to the scale. I picked up my “nakee” baby and as I was reaching into her diaper bag to grab a blanket to wrap her in, she decided to empty her bladder. All over me, a chair, and the floor. At least I thought she emptied her bladder. Once we got her to the scale, she went again, all over the scale. At least the 2nd time wasn’t my fault since she would have had her diaper off at this point to be weighed.

Adrianna had to get four shots immunization shots. Poor baby. Thankfully two nurses did them so that she got the shots two at a time and it was over with much quicker. I had the job of holding Adrianna down. Though I didn’t shed as many tears as Adrianna over the shots, I have to admit that I did cry a little right along with her.

I also told the doctor about our concern regarding her neck and favoring her left side with her head. While she can look both right and left, she cannot lean her head to the right (it seems). She favors it when on her back, when I am holding her, or when she is on her tummy. After doing an exam, Dr Hill agreed with our concern and would like for us to take her in to see a neurologist. He said not to worry, but he wants to have things checked out just in case, especially while she is still young and developing. He said that in every other way she is developing just fine. She is 24 1/2 inches long and weighs 14 pounds.

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