Two solid meals a day

I started Adrianna on two solid meals a day now. Fruit is also now a regular part of her diet. She really likes bananas and pears.

The bananas smelled really good, so I actually got brave enough to taste them myself. They didn’t really taste like bananas to me, but they were pleasant enough. Aren’t I awful that I am not brave enough to taste the veggies I am feeding my own little child?

I decided Adrianna isn’t too keen on green beans. She still likes her carrots though, and doesn’t seem to mind rice cereal.

This whole parenting thing is a lot of work. And selflessness. Even feeding her another solid meal a day is hard for me. Breastfeeding is so much more convenient, so I guess that is why I have delayed the 2nd meal as long as I have. I finally decided that I need to knuckle down, as she is at the age where she needs to transition her meals to be less milk and more solids to some degree.

Adrianna had 3 poopy diapers today. My goodness and two of them were huge. Of course I was the lucky one to discover and change the huge ones. She never saves those for her daddy while I am at work. Unfortunately they caused her to have a painful diaper rash. The kind that makes her cry when you clean her little bottom. Poor baby.

Adrianna is getting really good at getting around. She can scoot backwards while on her belly and she has got the rolling back and forth thing down pat. She doesn’t get far and doesn’t move fast unless she is on the bed. Then she seems to move lightning quick so that we have to be really careful not to let her roll off. Still no crawling, but I am still expecting that to occur at any moment now.

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